Saturday, October 17, 2009


In an effort to get a near perfect fit on the dress I'm making (and to get a bit more practice in before sewing on expensive silk) I've used the dress pattern to make a bustier/corset style top. I'm doing it in two layers, a lining with the boning attached, and an overlayer. Last night I finally thought I was finished getting the perfect fit... and today I put it on and it looks a bit baggy. AUGGGGHHH! Baggy on a fitted top does NOT look good, so I've still got more work to do. I guess I will just fit it on a good day and hope to god I'm not bloated on a day I want to wear it (or plan three days in advance to avoid ALL salt in my diet... would that work?).

My creative work has been few and far between lately but I did put together some new earrings for my Etsy shop. My favorite is this cluster of moostones. Moonstone has a VERY light blue and rainbow iridescent shimmer that is really pretty but its so subtle that single little moonstones by themselves tend to simply look off-white most of the time, which is ok but not really very impressive. In these earrings I've clumped a lot of moonstones together which means that at any given angle at least a few of the moonstones will be reflecting their blueish rainbow creating an overall milky, glowing effect. The other earrings turned out nicely but I haven't been able to get good pictures of them yet.

My project for today is a telescope cover for my fiance's very large (like six feet tall) telescope which can't leave the living room and go back to the shed until it has a cover :-P That and readjusting the bustier so that it fits perfectly (and applying those changes to my practice wedding dress pattern)

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