Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home Improvement and the Boots Obsession

I haven't been blogging much lately because I haven't been doing much crafting really. It all started when I convinced my fiance that we could get the vanity+sink in the bathroom replaced in 1 day. When he asked if he could just rip out the old one, I didn't see why not, so it got destroyed in the process and is now firewood. Of course then we discovered that the new one we'd picked up at a steal of a price on craigslist was a tad taller than the measurements given, had a bit of a different design, and wasn't compatible with the old faucet. So now, instead of just replacing the vanity+sink, we had to get a new faucet, redo the electrical wiring, and redo the plumbing. Mind you when I say "we" I mean "him" (my fiance) since I'm really not comfortable that I would blow up or flood the house messing with that stuff. The house and kitchen have been a disaster area ever since. Its finally 95% installed now so I can clean up the mess and go back to 'work' on a dress or two, or maybe making a necklace.

On a side note, I am forever searching for the ultimate in over-the-knee leather boots and my latest find I would scoop up in a heartbeat if it wasn't out of my price range (someday soon I'll get a real job and a better purchase price range). The 'Candela NYC' boot is best in the black leather, but the brown gives you the idea:,&navCount=9&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_COLL_BOOTS2&popId=WOMENS_SHOES&prepushId=
(Oddly enough, both Saks Fifth Ave and Urban Outfitters sell these boots... strange bedfellows)

I like them because they are flat (I'm too tall for 4" heels) without having a funny, bulbous look to them (ala the cheap Chinese Laundry boots ), aren't 'slouchy' (a style that makes my thin calves look like they are swimming) and have a nice natural sheen to them without being patent leather. I've come to the conclusion that a good boot is like good cooking... if you can't do the basic pieces right then no amount of heel, platform, or studding will fix it (as elaborate spices and presentation can't cover up a poorly cooked steak).

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