Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pear Shaped

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Black flannel bustier and pict of interior and boning

Evidently I am a pear shaped person. The supposedly size Small/Medium Singer sewing form that I'm using now (shown above) has the bust at the smallest adjustment possible and the hips at the widest adjustment possible. I've always known that I'm about a size larger on my lower half but this is just ridiculous... I'm 36C on top which is the upper half of the spectrum, yet for a "Medium" form somehow I'm at both the large and the small extreme. This is crazy. The other crazy part is that the torso can't get any shorter but it can extend longer. It works for me at its shortest, but I'm a tall person, all 5'11" of me! Who could possibly want it extended? I don't think Singer has updated this thing since 1950, and I don't think it worked very well then either :-P

Oh well, enough ranting and raving on that product. Thank goodness it works, just barely. On a high note, I've finally got a good fit on my bustier (made from the wedding dress pattern) and used it to get the dress form in the right shape! The plan is still to turn it inside out and put a plaid layer on the outside, but it hasn't happened yet. At least the important part is done! I've been distracted by so many things lately and I'm starting to lose faith on my ability to break even on my Etsy shop, but I am very certainly getting better at sewing and adjusting. Its awesome to see an idea that was in your head work out for real. Now I just have to finish all of the projects I've already started!

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