Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking on Color

I looked out my window a little bit ago and admired the blazing pink, orange, yellow, and green clinging in a dazzling display to a spindly brown stick. That's right, its fall, and I'm in the country. The colors are really amazing, showy, and bold. Normal people don't dare to compete with these displays. Urban fashion, I've come to realize, reflects all the glory and splendor of asphalt and concrete. Really, it does. The "new black", ie the trendiest color of the moment, seems to shift constantly between white, gray, and black. They should just call it "the latest monochrome". All the pictures of the high fashion "it" girls in NYC are surprisingly the same: black leggings or skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, usually an off-white shirt underneath, maybe a few studs or rivets scattered about, and the usual sallow and cold model stare. Couldn't they be a little bit more lively?

Perhaps its that I've got the travel bug and I'm thinking of the amazing colors that the Peruvians wear, or the neon jungle colors in Brazil. Maybe its too cold too soon, and I'm missing Summer though its barely gone. Either way I find that the latest trends are quite boring. I picked up some red tartan plaid the other day to liven things up. I have an idea for it, but I'm still ruminating on the actual implementation. It seems odd to me but now that fall is hitting, I'm actually craving color more than ever. I'm not ready to lay down and succumb to browns and muted tones. Maybe I'll make up for it by cooking dinner in a red dress (I'm sure my fiance will appreciate it). I know, its very '50s' housewife but this way I can be a part of these crazy fall colors without having to be though of as literally crazy by the local townies. What a strange life I do lead...

Up next: my secret to Apple pie

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