Sunday, November 8, 2009

Progress and Yumminess

Its been so long since I last posted! Life has taken a turn towards the crazy lately, and I've been so determined to finish the plaid bustier that I just haven't had anything to report. I've done some wood cutting and painting and fixing up the exterior of my house, but its brown and really not very visually or narratively stunning so it hasn't inspired me to write.

What I do have to show is some very awesome lemon meringue pie that I made the other day. Why? Our chickens started laying eggs so we had to think of things to make that require lots of eggs. Why on earth the first thing I thought of was lemon meringue pie, I don't know. It makes no sense because as far as I can recall, I've only made it one other time in my life in middle school or early high school. Anyway, since my inner psyche was craving lemon meringue pie I obliged and it turned out AWESOME. Other than the crust being the usual messy pain in the a$$ process it was relatively easy and quick to do. The "free range" eggs have almost orange yolks, so they turned the lemon custard a deep yellow marigold color and made for a nice stiff meringue. Next time you're looking to impress someone try this pie. Its not something you see around much and if you do, it is highly likely its the jello version which doesn't taste nearly as good. The only real tips are to use real lemons for the lemon juice, only grate the zest of the lemon not the white rind, and let it set up in the fridge for a few hours before eating it :-)

...and finally... Done! Sorry, but I don't have the completed pictures here, only the in process ones. It turned out looking cool but because of the bulk of the fabric, its not quite as slimming as I'd hoped for... but still worth it. Unfortunately it took a RIDICULOUS amount of hand sewing time which means its completely un-manufactureable and definitely not something I could make and sell on Etsy because its hard to convince people to pay for the weeks worth of time if its still made with polyester blend fabrics from the craft store. I wish there were a decent fabric shop that was closer than 5 hours away :-(

I'll get some completed pictures up on my next post.

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